Phil Energy Minister- Seeing rooftop solar cheaper than Coal.

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:15 September 2014 

As an island state, the Philippine is particularly vulnerable to the efects of climate change, and can benefit from renewable energy. It was said by the Philippines'secretary of energy, Carlos Jericho Petilla that the rooftop solar is cheaper than coal in the island state. The country relies on importing most of its energy from expensive fossils fuels that are subject to price fluctations. From a coal plant, electricity will cost up to PHP 5.50 per kWh (US$0.13) plus PHP 6.50 (US$ 0.15) for distribution and transmission, in total of PHP12.00 (US$0.28). While rooftop solar costs PHP9.00 per kWh (US$0.21) for generation with no cost for distribution or transmission. "This already saves you up to PHP3 per kWh (US$0.07)," Petilla said. The use of cheaper solar energy would assist the country in increasing its energy security. He said that Philippines is 90% dependent on importing fossils fuels, and was exposed to volatile prices. Currently, Philippines has 30% renewables generation. If this is kept, it will provide a secure energy source even if oil prices  go up or if there is a shortage in supply in the international market. “The equipment only entails one-time cost, not repeated costs. Also, private citizens  can actually benefit more for own-use of renewable energy.” Petilla added.   Find more information at: