Renewable Energy is the best solution to power crisis - WWF

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:13 October 2014 

The World Wide Fund for Nature reiterates its call for the Philippine government to focus on renewable energy solutions as long-term strategy in power supply. Manila, Philippines – Renewable energy must be integrated as the primary solution to the power development plan of the Philippines, the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature said. The Philippines can actually learn from its own experience in renewable energy to prove that it is the best solution to the country’s power needs, the WWF pointed out, citing how the country invested heavily in hydro and geothermal energy in the 1970s which now produce 13.67% and 14.4% of electricity, respectively. “Many renewable systems can be installed quickly. They produce electricity at a stable rate. They are de-coupled from foreign supply. They are also insulated from price increases dictated by international markets,” the WWF said of the benefits of renewable energy. The Department of Energy’s predicted shortfall in power supply will mostly affect intermediate and peak loads. Thus, intermediate or peak power plants are required to address coming needs, the WWF pointed out. Peak demand periods for highly industrialized grids such as the Luzon grid usually stretch from 10am to 2pm, when demand for electricity is at its highest but the optimal operating hours for certain renewable energy options like solar energy correspond precisely with these periods of high demand, WWF said. Other indigenous renewable energy options like hydro and biomass can be used to complement existing base-load and intermediate power plants, WWF suggested.       Find more information at: