Renewable Energy starts booming in Asia.

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:11 November 2014 

Renewable Energy demands in Asia continue to grow, and in this fast-growing landscape there are opportunities for both large renewable developers and smaller providers of services such as demand-side management and analytic. From ultra-fast-charging batteries in Singapore to solar farms in Thailand, demand for and use of renewable energy is set to rise in fast-growing Asia. With such growth, industry leaders speaking at the Asia Clean Energy Summit noted that business opportunities are emerging across all aspects of the renewable sector from procurement and construction services to sensors for data analytic. The senior vice president of R&D at French utility firm GDF Suez, Bernand Blez, noted that for the next ten years, the growth in Asia will account 65% of growth in energy consumption worldwide. The push by many Asian governments to improve air quality by switching from coal to gas and renewable is another key driver, he said. “Utility firms will have to respond to the rise of renewable in the region by working out how to rapidly develop centralized power plants, as well as come up with the new business models for decentralized, distributed power generation”, Blez added. “The growth of renewable would occur whether we want it or not; the question is how we make this attractive in a controlled way", said Dr Bartosz Wojszczyk, chief innovation officer, Meralco. Wojszczyk explained that Philippines is facing plenty of power-related challenges such as dispersed islands, typhoons and monsoons. Furthermore, some 30% of its population still lacks electricity access. By 2015, there is likely to be a power generation deficit.  "Solar and wind will probably be a big opportunity for us," he said. Find more information at: