Philippines: Construction of 150MW Solar Farm Approved

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:11 April 2017 


150MW Philippines Solar Farm Approved

The plan for Philippines solar farm has been approved by the Department of Energy for the province of Tarlac as part of government’s push to energize all households by 2022. The Philippine’s Department of Energy (DOE) has given its full-pledged support for a proposed 150 MW solar PV farm in the nation’s Tarlac province. The proposed Concepcion Solar Farm would be able to meet the entire power needs of the province, and go some way towards enabling the government to meet its 2022 objective of energizing all households in the nation. Part of that goal is for renewables to meet 25% of demand. “We are finding a balance for the demand and supply,” said DOE energy secretary Alfonso Cusi. “As of now, the country’s power demand is something like 13,000 MW. However, our supply is barely 14,000 MW. This is why we need more.” The minister added that the government would also support the introduction of a storage system at the PV plant’s site in order to offer better frequency regulation and energy reserve in the province.