Philippines Carbon Emission and Why Should We Care

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:7 April 2017 

Philippines Carbon Emission and Why Should We Care We all know that Climate Change is the ultimate effect of large carbon footprints. Not surprisingly, according to 2011 report from index mundi, the Philippines is actually ranked 87th for the country that emits large carbon footprints with 9.31% CO2 emissions from gaseous fuel consumption, followed by Poland with 9.27% and Mozambique with 9.05%, while the top of the list who emits the highest CO2 is the country of Liechtenstein with whooping 100% CO2 emissions followed by Trinidad and Tobago with 89.44%. The Philippines carbon emission is actually lower than other countries around the world, but this doesn’t mean that the nation is safe in the effects of climate change. We can’t neglect that the Philippines has long been particularly vulnerable to extreme weather. Over the past decade, a lot of tropical storms struck the nation and it was not just a simple storm, it was more powerful storms than ever before and scientists believe that this is due to the climate change. So what does this mean? Though the Philippines emits low CO2, the other nations are not, and whether we like or not, the Philippines will always be affected on the climate change. A report from World Atlas says that the Philippines is ranked 8th of the leading rice producers around the world. This is one of attributes that the nation can be proud off. But with the climate changes fast, this just means that tropical storms will be more often and more severe, and if these storms will start hitting, the nation will surely feel the effects of climate change not just by its people but also on its growing economy. The Action Philippines Took Thankfully, despite of President Rodrigo Duterte’s objections to some of its provisions, he has signed the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change that calls for the reduction of carbon emissions. In these past few months, we can now see different organizations and communities took their steps for greener life. We can now see farmers using solar-powered irrigations, a number of huge solar farm projects, and residents using solar panels. The Climate Reality Project Philippines, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, Climate Change Commission, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, Clean Air Philippines, etc., thanks to these organizations and communities here in the Philippines that fights on climate change, they really make the effort to push the use of renewable energy, to educate how renewable energy helps Filipinos and to fight against businesses that emits heavy carbon footprints. Without these private and government organizations, the Philippines economy will always be at stake as the effects of climate change hits the nation. So Why Should We Care? Climate change won’t just affect forests, coral reefs, crops or even people in far-off countries – it will affect ALL OF US! From more extreme weather to increasing food prices, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, climate change will affect you and every each of us.