What slows down the Philippines Business Growth

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:5 July 2014 

According to a recent study, clogged roads in Manila cost the Philippines 876 billion pesos or more than $20 billion in lost productivity and wasted energy each year. No improvements in infrastructure such as transport, energy and communication, which clearly brings the country in a difficult state. There are a lot of barriers that slows the growth of business in the country. The city is plagued by power failures, chronic water shortages, an antiquated telecommunications system, deteriorating roads and bridges and a subpar airport. Many parts of the Philippines experience regular blackouts, but in the last few months the power failures have hit Manila as well. Electricity power is the most expensive in Southeast Asia though it is unreliable.   Find more information at: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/04/business/international/strained-infrastructure-in-philippines-erodes-the-nations-growth-prospects.html?_r=0#