Palawan Electric Coop Signed a 20 MW Power Supply Contract with Langogan Power Corp.

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:9 September 2015 

The Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) has signed a 20-megawatt power supply contract with the Langogan Power Corp. (LPC), a Department of Energy-accredited renewable energy company.  “This is another milestone in the history of Paleco, because this is the very first signing of contract engaging renewable energy,” Paleco general manager Ric Zambales said. The deal is expected to stabilize the province’s power supply as it is often besieged with brownouts that last up to 4 hours due to the failure of Paleco’s three independent providers to deliver its contracted power. LPC’s plan entails tapping into three rivers on the mainland using run-of-river mini hydro technology. Its tariff is pegged at P6.59 per kilowatt hour, cheaper than Paleco’s current P9.23. LPC Chairman Michael Wootton told CNN Philippines that they had been wooing Paleco for the past seven years before getting its nod to buy into the project. "The total investment for the three projects (facilities) is P3 billion. It will all be operational within 2018 or early 2019," Wootton said. "We will first open the access road to the Langogan sites starting in a week or two. The main site work will start in January 2016," he added. According to the Palawan Island Power Development Plan (PIPDP), Potential hydroelectric projects in Palawan have an estimated capacity of 182.47 megawatts, which can provide energy of up to 959 GW/h. The company said it had so far invested over $9 million (roughly P420 million) to develop the project and is set to pour in another P56 million to set up and operate its power facilities.   Paleco-and-Langogan-Power-Corp_CNNPH   Find more information at: