Luzon Power Supply Threatened

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:24 June 2014 

MANILA - Luzon's power supply is again in danger of hitting critical levels on account of the opposition faced by the proposed coal-fired power plant in Subic, which the government and the private sector are banking on to meet future demand.

Energy Secretary Jose D. Almendras said that any delay in the construction of the 600-megawatt coal plant in the Subic Bay Freeport would lead to tight electricity supply three years from now. He said no other power generation project in the pipeline is expected before then.

"We really cannot afford not to have a new power plant. At the rate that consumption is growing and if we expect the economy to grow at the pace we are growing, we need another power plant, at least another 600-megawatt power plant by 2015," he said.

At Optimus Energy Ph, we see that solar can be part of the solution for power shortages in the region.

Not just in Manila either. the Philippines has around 7,000 islands & most of which rely on expensive fossil fuels to generate electricity.