Project Girasol: Martifer Solar and Citelum to power Izamal with clean energy

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:28 May 2014 

Municipality of Izamal, Mexico is going green! Martifer solar and Citelum combine their expertise to power Izamal with clean energy. This power house partnership will be an interesting one to watch. One providing LED lighting and the other solar panels, but it doesn't stop there. Project Girasol is a long term contract that will require hard work and a lot of expertise.

Girasol has been developed through a 15-year contract which exists between Citelum and the municipality of Izamal. Citelum has extensive experience in Mexico and on a global basis with similar urban projects. The company is known to apply innovative and unique financial structures for projects throughout Latin America. Martifer Solar will serve as the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor for the solar power plant portion of the Girasol project. With its impressive track record of the recently inaugurated 39 MW Aura Solar power plant, Martifer Solar is able to contribute its expertise from the construction of Mexico's largest PV plant. Álvaro del Rio Garcia, Country Manager of Mexico for Martifer Solar, stated, "Thanks to Citelum's trust in Martifer Solar, we have a new opportunity to build in Mexico and to maintain our leadership in this market. Martifer Solar continues along its path as a first-mover in the Mexican market by bringing solar PV energy and the company's demonstrated expertise to the Girasol project." The solar PV portion of Girasol will provide the municipality of Izamal with a 1.46 MW ground-mounted installation. The PV plant will be assembled with 4,860 polycrystalline modules in a fixed position. It will be built on land of approximately 10,000 m2, which has been donated by the municipality of Izamal. With a production capacity of 2.1 GWh/year, the plant will avoid 955 tons of CO2 emissions each year and provide the equivalent to the energy consumption of 4,595 inhabitants on an annual basis. The Girasol project is unique in that the power generation from the 1.46 MW solar PV installation will supply energy to power the comprehensive LED lighting portion of the project. Citelum will ensure the complete renovation of the existing street lights to more efficient LED technology, the upgraded illumination around the municipal buildings and video mapping to promote tourism to Izamal. This project will make Izamal the first municipality in Mexico to have a solar PV system generating energy to supply a public LED lighting project.

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