Ilocos Norte: Home of The World's First Combined Solar and Wind Farm.

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:27 April 2015 

Ilocos Norte is now the first site of the World’s combined solar and wind farm after the successful installation and operation of the 4.1 MW solar farms under the wind turbines of the 150 MW wind farm in Burgos Town. It was disclosed yesterday by Director Mario Marasigan of the Philippines’ Renewable Energy Management Bureau under the Department of Energy (DOE) that around the world, it is only in Burgos that solar panels built under wind turbines to simultaneously produce power can be found. The construction by the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) on the combined solar farm and wind farm in one setting was realized to sustain its year-round generation of power. The 4.1 MW Solar Farms are expected to increase the power generation by the EDC during the low wind season from April to September. The maximum power generation of the wind farms is seen in the high-wind season from October to March. Find more information at: