How to Maximise your Solar PV Potential

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:18 October 2018 


In days gone by, when the sun went down, your solar solution became ineffective. The potential to connect a battery to your inverter means those days could be a thing of the past.

There are a few steps to making the most of solar power. A tailored solution to ensure your solar system meets your energy needs and requirements is a start. Then, just like our cars, solar systems require cleaning and servicing to remove obstructions and to check all electrical connections are working at optimum level. But when the sun goes down, the question is often asked: “how effective is my solar at night?”

With the rise of batteries, you can get even more from your solar solution. Here’s what you need to know:


Use higher watt panels

Using solar panels with higher power output per square meter will improve the total PV output for the space you have available. For example, the Seraphim Eclipse  315W panel offers about 20% more output than typical panels and at 1623mm long by 1048mm wide it is only slightly larger or the same physical size. Beware that many installers have their preferred products and suppliers and may attempt to talk you into a more traditional solar panel – it always pays to do your own research!


The power of batteries

Recent innovations mean batteries look to change the way that solar power functions in the Philippines. At a base level, future solar solutions will allow your panels to power your home during the day, as well as charging the battery pack to supplement your power at night. This reduces your reliance on the grid and can lead to cost savings.


Getting inverted

If you already have solar installed, you’ll need to check if your current inverter is battery compatible, meaning can your inverter communicate with a battery converter.

In some instances, it’s actually more economical to replace your existing inverter with an energy storage appliance, or hybrid inverter. This combines the functions of a battery inverter and solar inverter in one package and smartly connects your solar PV to your battery using DC power.

But as with all things electrical, consult a specialist to ensure you’re getting the right advice for your circumstances – every home and business is different.


Where do the batteries live?

Battery systems are very quiet, which is great news because they should be kept undercover. To ensure their longevity, it’s recommended they’re kept indoors in a place with good airflow for cooling (like a garage).


Control your stored power.

Another great benefit of using batteries is that you can control when you use its power. Hybrid Solar Kits allows you to store, charge and discharge power, so if you’re out at night, or decide to go away for the weekend, you don’t need to use it and can save it for a cloudy day.


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