How to install the Zeversolar inverter - Optimus Energy

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:21 August 2018 


This is a video tutorial on how to install the Zeversolar inverter.

Zeversolar has developed single- and three-phase solar string inverters with high efficiencies and maximum reliability for domestic solar power systems.

Since Zeversolar inverters have nominal powers from 1 to 10 kilowatts, different topologies and single or dual MPPT inputs, every installer and distributor can find the inverter that suits his needs and requirements best! All of these inverters fulfill the highest quality standards and have been certified and approved by leading testing institutes.

Their low weight enables installers to handle the inverters very easily. Thanks to the robust IP 65 housing and the wide temperature operational range, all of Zeversolar´s residential solar inverters can be installed inside and outside.